Get Over Your Biggest Financial Fears This Halloween

Halloweens shoppers this year will spend billions of dollars on spooky costumes, gruesome props, and spine-tingling horror movies in order to scare ourselves silly. But I bet none of our creepy exploits will induce as much dread as we get opening the mail box and seeing (blood-curdling shriek) our credit card bill!

Or mortgage bill. Or, worse, a notice of foreclosure. You fill in the blank. But despite our fears, many of us refuse to consider a solution that can free us financially, like bankruptcy. Why? Because, as anyone who's ever been afraid of the dark can tell you, it's what we can't comprehend that frightens us the most.

Bankruptcy has frightened consumers for ages. Usually, they're afraid bankruptcy will tarnish their reputation or wreck their credit. And maybe it did in the olden days - back when women were considered risqué for showing their ankles and people only bathed once a month - but fortunately our culture has become a lot more sophisticated now.

Bankruptcy today is nothing like it was in the past. The truth is, bankruptcy offers an affordable plan for relieving non-mortgage debts with the benefit of legally protecting you from creditor actions such as foreclosure. Yes, it will go on your credit report, but if anything it will help your credit in the long run since eliminating debt - and thus, interest - will free up cash to help you pay your bills in full and on time.

Once you complete the bankruptcy process, your debts will be discharged - and financial freedom will be yours. As far as affecting your reputation, consider the fact that the recession has helped bankruptcy become more socially acceptable - millions more people have successful reduced debt through bankruptcy this year than in 2008. It sure beats the embarrassment of getting calls from creditors at work or having to explain losing your house.

Bankruptcy might be complicated, but you don't have to be an expert to take advantage of your legal right. A professional attorney, such as one of our Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers, will guide you through the paperwork and the process. When you sign up for our free one-on-one debt analysis, we'll identify a plan that meets your individual situation and answer all your questions at absolutely no cost.

Want to know more? Visit our website, check out our video library, read our blog or sign up for a community workshop online - none of it costs as much as a penny. The scariest thing you'll learn is much easier managing your finances becomes once you free yourself from your fears - and your debt.

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