Give Yourself a Permanent Summer Vacation By Lowering Debt With Bankruptcy

Most folks think of summer vacation as a time to be lazy and spontaneous - basically, the opposite of work.

But putting a little work into planning your vacation can actually make it all the more relaxing because you won't have to worry about busting your budget - and going into debt (or, if you're like most people, adding to the debt you already have). By mapping out your trip ahead of time, you can take advantage of the cheapest locations and the best travel deals.

Just like buying a fireplace in summer or an air conditioner in winter, you want to think out-of-season to get the best deals. Instead of heading straight to the beach - exactly where most families go - consider booking a trip to a mountain ski town or an inland, rather than a beach, city. With fewer travelers in town, vendors are going to be desperate - that means lower prices for hotels, restaurants and transportation. It's also a good idea to stay away from busy weekends, like Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day.

Start checking papers, magazines and travel websites for specials on hotels, rental cars, or airfare. Become your own travel agent by putting together a travel package based around the best discounts. If you don't like the prices you're seeing, look for some activities close to home - you might be able to get away without booking a flight or renting a car.

And don't forget that transportation and lodging are only part of the costs. You can reduce the overall expense of your trip by by reducing your consumption - that might mean packing your meals before you leave so you don't have to rely on pricey restaurants (even fast food gets expensive when you're eating it breakfast, lunch and dinner), window shopping instead of credit card shopping and partaking in as many free activities as you can find. After all, you shouldn't have to spend money to take in the sights.

Worried you can't afford an annual summer vacation? If you've got so much debt that a simple getaway could be enough to send you over the edge, you've got to find a better way. Everybody needs a break now and then. Bankruptcy can help bring balance to your finances by relieving debt, which will free up more of your paycheck for other expenses, from the house payment to the groceries to the occasional trip. Find out if there's a bankruptcy plan that can take care of your debt when you try a free personal debt analysis with an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney. With less debt to stress over, everyday will feel more like a vacation.

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