How Chicago Families Can Save Money By Relaxing On Thanksgiving

What's the easiest way to save money this holiday season? It might be as simple as treating the holidays like, well, holidays - and you can start today.

Think about it. Today was once a day to spend with loved ones, giving thanks for food and family. Just like Christmas was once a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus - a time to focus on faith and, once again, family. But this year, it seems like the holidays have become one big excuse to go shopping. Apparently we can't even wait until Black Friday - for the first time ever, many major retailers are open on Thanksgiving, according to Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. We all know businesses need a boost - the problem is, most of us have bills to pay.

So how about this for a money-saving solution? Skip the sales, stay home with family and friends and enjoy your turkey dinner. Relax. Hang out. It's really that simple.

Most of us have been conditioned to our consumer culture. So when we hear about how Sears starts putting appliances on sale today, or how, if we get up at 4 a.m. and wait outside in the cold, we can get a TV for half price tomorrow, it's hard to say no. But even the best sale prices aren't worth it if you don't really need the marked-down items - and especially if you can't afford them.

Sure, it's natural to start thinking about Christmas shopping once the Thanksgiving table has been cleared. But even then, gifts don't have to include expensive electronics or trendy toys that your recipients will forget about come January. How about homemade cookies or a personalized photo album? It's cliché, but true - it's the thought that counts. You shouldn't have to add to your debt to have a meaningful holiday.

Of course, sometimes you might have too much debt even without the shopping sprees. If your financial situation is making it difficult to afford the very basics, there's something else you can be thankful for - bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has given millions of Americans a fresh start by lowering debt and providing legal protection. Find out if it can help you as well when you sign up for a free personal debt analysis with a Chicago bankruptcy attorney.

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