How to Reap Cool Savings on Air Conditioning Bills During Summer in Atlanta

I don't what makes me sweat more - hot summer weather, or the big air conditioning bill that comes with it.

Most folks spend more than half of their energy bill on air conditioning and heat, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That's a lot of money to spend - but it could become a lot to save, too.

Obviously, you could reap the biggest savings by giving up air conditioning cold turkey. But even if you can't bear to live without the comfort of artificial air during the dog days of summer, just a few small changes here or there can keep you cool without causing you to break a sweat when that bill arrive, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. And for those of us already struggling with debt before the thermometer rises, that's no small change.

If you're going to use air conditioning, at least make you're using it efficiently. Remember to change your filters so that your air conditioning unit doesn't have to work overtime to cool the house. Instead of using your oven - which heats up the whole house and sends the air into overdrive - why not grill outside? Or use the microwave or stovetop instead of the oven. Consider turning the air down a few degrees - instead of completely off - when you leave the house in the morning. It sounds like a waste of energy, but it can actually save energy since the system won't have to work as hard to cool the house when you get back home.

If you've got a home of your own, why not plant some shade trees around your dwelling for natural air conditioning? They'll keep your house several degrees cooler - and provide oxygen and curb appeal to boot. Or go old-school and plug in a fan - or several. Often times, folks think fans aren't doing enough - when in fact, they're using them incorrectly. It's all about cross-circulation. Just like the opening two opposite windows will cool your house down faster by allowing a breeze to enter and exit your house, having a fan blowing air in and another taking that hot air out will provide maximum cooling. Remember, you don't want hot air blowing around, you want it blowing out.

Sometimes lowering your bill is as simple as being more mindful of the way you're cooling off. That said, if you're cutting energy costs and you're still under pressure because of too many credit card bills or loan payments, then debt - not the air conditioner - is probably at the heart o your problem. Fortunately, bankruptcy can be one of the most efficient ways to lower your debt burden. Want to learn more about bankruptcy - and see if there's a plan right for you? It's free when you try a personal debt analysis with an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney. Now that's cool.

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