Identifying Missing Money Is One Way to Increase Your Income

Not much compares to the surprise of finding a forgotten $10 bill in the dryer - except stumbling upon $1,000 in forgotten money.

Believe it or not, it happens, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. No, not in the dryer. But occasionally money gets forgotten in closed bank accounts, payments relating to long-ago jobs, insurance policies, dividend checks, and more. It used to be that the money went unclaimed for the rest of our lives. But thanks to the Internet, there's a new way to track down that missing cash. is a secure site backed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators where you can search for any unclaimed funds in your name. Don't think you have any missing money? It might be worth plugging your info in to see for sure.

In some cases, folks have found thousands in old paychecks, accounts set up by their parents without their knowledge, or funds on old credit cards.

But if you have no such luck, don't despair. On the bright side, it means you're responsible with your money. And besides, there are other ways to increase your paycheck. Take lowering debt, for example.

If you're like most Americans, you write several checks every month for credit card and loan payments. But the amount you pay doesn't just cover your actual purchases, it also includes interest. If you could only afford to pay more each month, you'd lower your balance - and as a result, you'd be charged less interest. The more you pay now, the more you save later.

Sure, it takes a little more effort than turning up a forgotten five in your jeans pocket, but the bottom line is it will make you richer. Concerned that you can't afford to increase your payments? Why not let our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys help? Sign up for our free one-on-one debt analysis, and a professional attorney can determine whether a bankruptcy plan could make paying down your debt - and freeing up more of your own money - a reality.

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