Improving Economy Triggers Small Shopping Splurges for Frugal Atlanta Consumers

In tough economic times, it's good to have tight purse strings - but if you keep them pulled too tight, they might snap.

Not literally, of course, but figuratively. If all of your money is going to the bills, the house payment, your savings, etc, you probably don't have much left for yourself. And all work and no play means that you're either leading a very dull life or that you're slowly increasing the odds that you'll go on a massive spending binge and hurt your credit.

So what's your best option? Allow yourself a splurge now and then to take the edge off. Just make sure to do it in moderation lest you end up with even more debt problems, caution Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys.

The amount you can afford to spend on yourself will vary based on your unique financial situation. So will the way you decide to spend the money.

If you've scrapped dining out in your favorite restaurants for brown bag lunches and meals prepared at home, good for you - you're saving big bucks and you're probably eating healthier to boot. But once you have some control over your budget, you might want to include a treat now and then. Of course you can't afford to eat out every night, but can you work one or two meals out a month into your lineup? Or more or less, depending on your individual finances?

We're not talking about going crazy here, just leaving room for a little fun now and then to keep you motivated. The key to staying in control of your spending is to include everything - even the indulgences - in your budget. That way you'll know how much you need to pay the bills, how much to put towards paying off debt or saving, and how much is leftover to play with afterwards. If your situation changes, you can adjust your budget accordingly.

Everyone needs to be able to let loose once in a while. If your budget is consistently so tight that you can't afford even a tiny splurge, something isn't right - and chances are, it's the level of your debt. Fortunately, there's a remedy - bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy can provide a more effective way to lower debt, so you'll free up more money each month - for paying the bills, saving and, yes, even splurging. Find out if bankruptcy can give you more financial breathing room when you try a free one-on-one debt analysis with one of our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. You know you need to take care of your finances - but don't forget to take care of yourself.

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