Living in Denial Keeps Many Atlanta Consumers in Debt

Thanks to the Internet, consumers have more access to free financial advice than at any time in history. Yet we also have more debt and bankruptcy filings than at any time in history. What gives?

Turns out we aren't taking much of that available advice to heart. Sure, budgeting programs like, goal makers like and tools like online banking are all great ways to organize our finances - but they don't do us any good if we don't commit to using them, according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys.

As we all know, organization can help us understand how much we're spending -and therefore, figure out how to best make adjustments. But it isn't a solution for everyone. Often times, cleaning up our finances becomes just another chore that we can put off, especially if we weren't an organized person to begin with.

If you find yourself using organization as an excuse to procrastinate - as in, "I'll make that budget when work is less hectic" or "I'll start paying down debt when I get that nice tax refund" - you may never fix your finances. Everyone is always looking for more money and more time - and they always disappear before we realize we had them.

Ultimately, the fastest way to increase your available income isn't to create a budget - it's to lower debt. And the fastest way to lower debt is to stop adding to it. If you can't afford your credit card payments, simply stop using your credit card - or at least use it less. Use cash instead, when possible. Eliminate expenses you don't need, if just long enough to get your spending in line with your income. And if that's all easier said than done? Then get help.

There's a reason more people are turning to bankruptcy. The right plan can make getting out of debt possible by providing a realistic payment schedule. Wondering if filing for bankruptcy is the motivation you need to stop procrastinating and start tackling debt? Find out for free when you try a complimentary one-on-one debt analysis with an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney.

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