Lowering the Cable Bill Can Free Up More Money for Atlanta Residents Each Month

Sometimes the easiest way to save money is simply to ask, according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys.

Take your cable bill, for instance. Most cable or satellite companies offer hundreds of channels - a seemingly good deal, right? But the truth is, you'll never have time to watch them all - and probably wouldn't want to. Most folks focus on a few favorite shows on a few favorite channels. And for that, we typically pay upwards of $100 a month. That's more than $1,000 a year! Not really such a great deal.

But did you realize you could decrease your cable bill without missing your must-watch shows?

Look at it from the perspective of your cable company. You're not going to give a customer a lower price just out of the kindness of your heart - you've got to make money, lots of money. But if a customer is thinking about reducing their plan or - gasp! - switching to a different company, you might be willing to negotiate.

It's true - many companies will lower your bill if you politely indicate you're thinking of downgrading or leaving altogether. And if even if they don't, you won't lose money by simply trying.

Worst case scenario, the cable company won't budge and you decide to cancel. You can still find many TV show seasons on Netflix for a fraction of the price you were paying for cable or satellite service - and many times can watch them instantaneously on your computer. And then there's Hulu.com, where you can watch many programs free of cost.

Everybody needs a little entertainment in their lives, but you shouldn't pay so much for it that interferes with the necessities, like paying the mortgage. Of course, sometimes you can accumulate so much debt that every expense is a struggle. If that's the case, bankruptcy might be able to help by offering an affordable way to lower debt and get your finances back on track. Find out for free if bankruptcy is your best solution when you try a personal debt analysis with a bankruptcy attorney in Atlanta.

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