More Atlanta Shoppers Buying Into Infomercials In Spite of Debt

If you're barely able to afford paying the mortgage and putting gas in your car, surely you're not going to splurge on stuff you don't even need, right?

Or will you? Americans might be cutting back in most areas, but they're spending more than ever on infomercial products - things like ab machines, spray tan bottles and the infamous Snuggies. So why are we spending our dwindling dollars on "As Seen on TV" merchandise that may not even work? It's all in the sales pitch, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys.

From the infomercials on between our favorite shows to entire cable channels devoted to shopping, such as QVC, it seems we're being exposed to a record number of consumer goods via our TVs. Manufacturers know we couldn't possibly need all this stuff, so they've devised an ingenious way to get us to buy it. They convince us the products will make us feel good.

Maybe we're worried that our boss is going to lay us off, but by buying the AB Roller, we can supposedly get a hot new body. Perhaps we might not have enough to pay the mortgage this month, but we can make ourselves feel better by wearing a comfy blanket-shirt thing. We're buried in debt, but certainly we can still manage to spare three small payments of $19.99.

If only we realized it's all a ploy, we could save those payments and apply them to something that's guaranteed to make our lives better - getting rid of debt. Paying above and beyond the minimum today means less interest--and therefore lower payments--tomorrow. And if you can't afford to up your current payment plan? Bankruptcy can help you eliminate debt on your own terms, while legally protecting your possessions, including your home. Want to find out if there's a bankruptcy plan that can help you start the New Year with a clean financial slate? Visit DebtStoppers to sign up for a free one-on-one debt analysis with a professional Atlanta bankruptcy attorney.

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