Mortgage Companies Temporarily Suspend Chicago Foreclosures

It looks like even mortgage companies are feeling the holiday spirit this time of year.

Freddie Mac
recently announced plans to stop foreclosures from Dec. 20 to Jan. 3 - long enough for folks to stay in their homes during the Christmas season. Fannie Mae has pledged to halt evictions as well. With millions of Americans behind on mortgage payments this time of year, it's a nice gesture. Unfortunately, point out Chicago bankruptcy attorneys, it's also only putting off the inevitable.

If you stop paying your mortgage, even for reasons beyond your control, you'll eventually lose your home. That is, unless you take action to protect it. Being granted temporary immunity for the holidays is nice, but how will you enjoy the season knowing that you could be kicked out any day after New Year's?

Instead of putting off the problem, why not eliminate it now - before it's too late? In many cases, folks are unable to pay the mortgage because of job loss, medical bills, credit card debt, divorce or other debt-related issues. Bankruptcy can end that debt and protect your assets in the process - and it can do it almost instantly.

Bankruptcy protections go into effect the moment your case is filed in court - including the automatic stay, which stops foreclosure. At DebtStoppers, our Chicago bankruptcy attorneys can file your case within one day for immediate relief. Get all the details and info you need with our complimentary personal debt analysis. Why settle for a temporary fix when you can find a permanent solution - and lasting financial freedom?

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