Network your way out of debt

What’s your favorite day of the week? I bet my paycheck (theoretically, of course – I’ve got bills to pay) that it’s payday.

Legend has it that if you listen real carefully on Friday afternoons, you can hear the collective sigh of relief from a nation of people who made it one more pay period to put a check in the bank. One more month they can pay the mortgage. One more month they will still have a car, electricity, food. Ah, but once the bills are paid, the fun begins all over again. It’s the never-ending story.

Nearly half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, according to a survey by last month – which makes getting out of debt seem all the more impossible.

Twenty-five percent of workers don’t set aside any money at all for savings. And for those who do, it’s not much. Thirty-four percent save $100 or less and, for 18 percent, it’s less than $50. Most workers need an extra $500 a month to live comfortably. And the chance of getting a hefty raise like that in today’s economy? Ha, not likely! For most of us, just holding onto our job (or jobs) is hard enough.

You know what I think the saddest part is? Well, maybe it’s more laughable than sad. About one-fifth of people who make over $100,000 said they still couldn’t sock any away for a rainy day! What’s their excuse? If the rich are falling apart, what are us regular folks supposed to do?

Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Take solace in knowing you’re not alone. You can see the statistics staring you in the face every time you flip on the TV or the computer. We are one nation, under God, in debt. So why not use the numbers to your advantage? They say power comes in numbers – so does comfort.

Support groups have long been helpful for alcoholics, cancer patients and people suffering through similar experiences or dilemmas. Debt is just as stressful and life-damaging. Consider joining forces with family, friends, neighbors and online forums (though be wary of online scams). You’ve already taken a big step just by checking out this blog.

While you’re at it, who better to network with than a financial professional? Did you know that every month you have the chance to meet one-on-one with a debt relief attorney, ask questions to your heart’s desire, learn how to stop foreclosure and get dinner, all for free? It’s called the DebtStoppers Community Workshop. Each month, DebtStoppers hosts a free evening of fun, food and financial empowerment.

And, as if there’s anything better than saying goodbye to debt, participants have the chance to win a Dell laptop. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for an upcoming workshop on Oct. 29 in Chicago or Nov. 19 in Atlanta. Can’t make it? Contact a DebtStoppers attorney today.

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