Putting the House in order

Two days post-election and it appears that we may, finally, be able to get back to normal. Whether your candidate was the winner or the loser, your emotions are probably still running high – euphoria or disgust – but that should eventually subside. It’s significant that so many Americans took part in the election process. In record numbers across the country, voters made their collective voices heard; while “official” numbers are still being tallied, it looks to be the highest turnout in a presidential election in nearly a century. We all knew that history would be made, one way or another, and so it has.

One thing is certain, we are all breathing a sigh of relief that the election is over. We can all be thankful that we can enjoy sitting down to dinner without being interrupted by robocalls (which were not particularly popular, even if they were from your party) and settling in to watch Prison Break or House without fear that our favorite program is being preempted for a 30 minute television commercial from one of the candidates. In short, we can get back to our everyday lives, such as they were.

Now, for better or worse, President-elect Obama is doing the very thing that many of us also need to do. He’s putting his house (in this case, the White House) in order, by reaching out for help, and aligning himself with the people (Democrats and Republicans alike) who can help him successfully accomplish the monumental tasks placed before him. Let’s be honest about something, though. It would be unrealistic to presume that the incoming president can make any significant headway in a short time. Even Mr. Obama acknowledges that it may take as long as a year, or even a whole term, to achieve his objectives.

Naturally, we are all hopeful that help will be forthcoming, but really, who can say when, given the enormity of the problems that face America?

Unfortunately, individuals deluged by mounting debt and threatened with the prospect of foreclosure can no longer wait. Losing sleep over the outcome of an election is bad; losing sleep over concerns about your personal finances is far worse. Elections end, but worries about your own future may seem endless.

For individuals in desperate, urgent, need of help in getting their own financial house in order, a year or a term is just too long to wait. If you need help, right now, be aware that DebtStoppers is here for you. You made your voice heard just a few days ago; it was a cry for help and for change and for hope. Make your voice heard again; just contact us, either by phone or email, and a DebtStoppers attorney will help you put your house back in order.

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