Shopping Binges Make Debt Worse For Overspending Atlanta Consumers

When debt is spiraling out of control, the first thing most folks do is cut out unnecessary purchases. But for a population of consumers known as binge shoppers, it's just the opposite, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys.

Similar to the way a person trying to lose weight might pig out on a whole cake or bag of potato chips, binge shoppers blow off steam by hitting the stores. The average person can turn that out-of-control feeling that comes from opening a too-big bill into motivation for getting a better grip on our finances. But emotional spenders deal with the stress by increasing unneeded expenditures - more shoes, more electronics, more toys for the kids, more stuff for the house, more of everything.

The high shoppers get is a momentary escape from the reality of debt - with 'momentary' being the key word here.

Sure, some binge buyers claim they return most of their purchases - no harm, no foul, right? But it's not quite so easy. Some items can't be returned. Some returns might not get credited to your account until the next billing cycle. Some items might get forgotten about in your closet. And it's not just your finances at stake. Many emotional shoppers find themselves lying to loved ones about their habits, causing harm to their relationships as well as their budgets.

With the Internet providing 24/7 access to stores and many people working less hours, it's not easy to break a shopping habit. But it is possible. Ultimately, it's up to you to change your behavior. But lowering debt through bankruptcy may be able to help take some of the pressure off.

The tighter your budget, the harder it is to stay on track. Freeing up money that has been going to your creditors can give you some breathing room. Look at it as a way to relieve stress, without adding to your debt. To find out if bankruptcy can help you find a fresh financial start, consider trying a free personal debt analysis with one of our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys.

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