What Can I Do if a Creditor is Harassing Me?

If you owe money, creditors have the right to contact you. However, they are not allowed to harass you or threaten you just because you are in debt to them. Under the Georgia Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), creditors can be sued for crossing the line from lawful contact to harassment. A credit harassment lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia can be your best buffer between creditors and your everyday life, but it is also important to understand the basic rules your creditor may be breaking.

The FDCPA applies to non-business, personal, household and family debts, such as car loans, credit card debts, charge accounts and outstanding medical bills. Just because you owe money doesn’t mean your creditors can:

  • Contact you before 8 a.m., after 9 p.m., at work when they know your employer doesn’t allow personal calls or at all if they are aware you are represented by an attorney
  • Commit or threaten you with violence or harm
  • Use obscene or offensive language
  • Advertise your debts
  • Pretend they are someone else to collect information from you
  • Collect more than what you owe or garnish your wages without a court order

Having an attorney represent you in the face of debt can relieve stress and the burden of credit harassment. A lawyer can also advise you toward the best option for eliminating your debt, such as filing for personal bankruptcy or suing your creditor for harassment.

DebtStoppers, Bankruptcy Law Firm Robert J. Semrad & Assoc., LLC offers a free consultation that can begin your road to financial recovery through whatever means are best for you.

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