What the future holds

Despite all of the dire economic news we’ve been encountering over the past several months, I’m not worried that it will continue. I believe that we have a strong and positive future. Am I am psychic? No. Though my kids are convinced I am. I am certain things will be better for me, and perhaps for you, too, in the next couple of decades.

In the year 2037, government grants will be free flowing once again. And the tight liquidity markets will be a thing of the past. I know all this because I will be the recipient of a couple of federally approved grants, several $7,500 credit lines from Centennial Platinum and three auto loans. Already approved. Guaranteed. I’ll also be able to have the fling of my life, if I want. Of course, by 2037, I’ll be in my late 70’s, so who knows if I’ll be able (or even be around!) to enjoy all that. So says the letters in my email box. Spam has its place, does it not? At least, it’s good for a laugh.

But, what does the future really hold? Well, I can’t predict with any certainty the future 30 years hence. But I can tell you that, over the next 5-10 years, it is going to be much tougher all around, for all of us, regardless of where in the country you live.

It’s the same old song all over the country. Some of us just don’t have or earn enough money to pay for the massive consumer debt we’re carrying. Some of us are (justifiably) upset that our pension and retirement accounts have lost significant value and our golden years aren’t looking so golden any longer. Some of us are concerned that we owe more on our mortgages than our property is worth, and we’re afraid that we’re about to lose our home to foreclosure. Some of us have suffered a job loss, or are working two or even three jobs to (almost) make ends meet. Still others are stuck with a job that we hate, but not so much that we’d even consider quitting. Not in this economy, at least. We wouldn’t dare voluntarily leave a job.

But, you know what? You’re already working to make things better for yourself and your family. You’ve come here to this website looking for answers and for help. While we can’t solve all of your financial and economic problems, we can help with one or two. We can help you avoid foreclosure and keep your home and we can help you manage your outstanding debt.

Poorly written economic policies, lack of fiscal oversight and general mismanagement (I could go on, but I’m sure you get the gist of it) by the federal government and its agencies have put you into this bad place. But, a federal law is going to help you get out of this. Bankruptcy is a constitutional right (U.S. Constitution, Section 8, Powers of Congress), and you have the right to exercise it. It’s also the right decision. The federal government is helping out the big boys with billion dollar bailouts and loan guarantees – bailouts and guarantees for the same institutions that put you in this precarious position. It’s time for Uncle Sam to cut you the same slack. Exercise your constitutional right. A DebtStoppers attorney can show you how.

--Debt Diva

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