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How to Prepare for a Bankruptcy Filing: 6 Things Not to Do Before Filing for Bankruptcy

If you’ve made the decision to explore bankruptcy as a solution to crushing debt, congratulations: You’re already on the right track. When debts are out of hand, bankruptcy is usually the most effective way to rein them back in. Contrary to the many myths and misinformation surrounding bankruptcy, filing for bankruptcy doesn’t wreck credit. In… Read More »

Too Much Credit Card Debt, Student Debt Preventing Young People From Buying Homes

What do you do after you earn your college degree and get a steady job? For years, the answer for educated and employed graduates was obvious: You buy a home. These days, it’s not so clear-cut. A weak job market and the ever-rising cost of college are forcing millions of young Americans to choose renting… Read More »

Making a Successful Chapter 13 Repayment Plan

In these tough economic times, it is not uncommon for people with stable income to be overburdened by debt. If you spend most (if not all) of your paycheck on payments to creditors, if your mortgage lender has threatened to foreclose on your home, or if you have received notice that your wages will be… Read More »

Comparing the Benefits Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Georgia

If your debt is mounting and you are finding it difficult to keep up with your payments, you may consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Thousands of people in Georgia who have sought Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection have discovered the many benefits of debt reorganization. Why do people choose Chapter 13? Chapter 13 allows you… Read More »

Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The process of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia may seem complicated and can be difficult for anyone to understand. However, don’t get discouraged.  Chapter 7 can eliminate your debt and alleviate the stress associated with your financial burdens. We have provided below the answers to some frequently asked questions about Chapter 7.  We… Read More »