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Understanding the Role of a Bankruptcy Trustee

When you file for bankruptcy in Georgia, the court assigns a trustee to administer and oversee your case. A bankruptcy trustee is an impartial party whose job it is to review all of your financial statements for accuracy and ensure that all accompanying paperwork is in order. In the event that you’re required to liquidate… Read More »

What Debt Solution is Right for Me?

In searching for a debt solution that’s right for your particular financial situation, it can be difficult to decide where to turn. There are countless credit counselors and debt settlement organizations out there, and it’s tough to sort out the good from the bad. To receive the best possible solution, there are a few things… Read More »

What to Expect When Filing for Bankruptcy

The best way to deal with bankruptcy, as with most financial concerns you may have throughout your life, is to address the problem directly. Filing for bankruptcy relief may require a decent amount of preparation on your part, but it can prevent you from suffering more serious consequences down the line. When filing for bankruptcy… Read More »

Understanding Your Risks and Rights with Unsecured Debt

There is a simple and easy way to understand the difference between secured and unsecured debt. Secured debt is backed by some type of property, such as a car or house. Defaulting on this type of debt typically means the forfeiture of the property in question. Unsecured debt is backed simply by a promise of… Read More »

Georgia Chapter 7 Exemptions

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice everything you’ve earned. Under this type of bankruptcy, you are able to retain ownership over certain belongings, which may include your car, home and retirement savings. Under Georgia law, married persons who file jointly for bankruptcy are allowed to make the maximum amount… Read More »