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Americans Still Struggling to Pay Off Debt, Says New Study

The economy may be on the upswing, but consumer finances are still down in the dumps. In a recent survey by, 36 percent of Americans reported that their top financial priority is simply to stay current or get caught up on bills. For 20 percent, the main goal is to pay off overwhelming debts… Read More »

Myths and Truths About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There is a significant stigma attached to bankruptcy that leads people to believe that filing a claim means that one is either poor or irresponsible with finances. In addition, common misconceptions tend to follow that bankruptcy leads to forfeiting everything you own or that you are somehow gaming the system to your advantage. These are… Read More »

How Long Does the Bankruptcy Process in Georgia Take?

With the average Chapter 7 bankruptcy taking between 100 and 180 days and the average Chapter 13 bankruptcy taking about 3-5 years, people often wonder why filing for bankruptcy in Georgia is such a lengthy process. The truth is that there are a lot of time-specific waiting periods and deadlines that must elapse at multiple… Read More »

What is the Meeting of the Creditors?

A meeting of creditors is a required part of the bankruptcy process. The meeting is coordinated by the trustee of your bankruptcy case and involves a thorough investigation of your claim. This investigation aims to identify fraud and review your financial holdings and credit history. Although it is rather uncommon for creditors to actually appear… Read More »

Consumers Beware: Debt Elimination Scams

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, the last thing you need is to be taken in by a scam. Unfortunately, debt elimination scams are an increasingly popular way for fraudsters in Georgia to take advantage of people when they are most desperate. One of the most important things to look out for is the general… Read More »