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Without Personal Finance Know-How, Today’s Young Adults Are Getting into Trouble with Credit Card Debt

The finances of young Americans have been thrust into the spotlight recently, thanks to growing concerns over the nation’s skyrocketing student debt load. But many college students face an additional financial problem, say bankruptcy attorneys. In 2008, most graduates left college with at least one credit card and $4,100 in credit card debt. With the… Read More »

For Young Consumers Burdened by Debt, Bankruptcy Can Be Smart Long-Term Solution

Consumers in the U.S. now owe 11.4 trillion in debt, according to The Wall Street Journal. If divided among all the households in the country, that would be $96,000 per residence. However, a disproportionate amount of today’s debt belongs to young people. As more young Americans take out large loans for college and struggle to… Read More »

With Interest Rates at All-Time Lows, Tennessee Bankruptcy Offers an Alternative Way to Save

Today’s low interest rates are ideal for borrowers. The only problem? Many of us aren’t in the market to purchase a home or buy a new car right now. With most Americans struggling with rising prices and overwhelming credit card, consumers are looking for ways to save money – not spend it. Unfortunately, the majority… Read More »

Rising Rates on Credit Cards May Push More Consumers to File for Atlanta Bankruptcy

Rates on mortgages and car loans may be hitting all-time lows, but credit card rates are only getting higher. Worst of all, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys, the highest rates are being levied on those most likely to rely on credit to make ends meet, often resulting in unmanageable debt. According to SmartMoney, interest rates on… Read More »

While Data Shows Average U.S. Debt Is Down, the Number of Households with Credit Card Debt Increases

A recent survey showed that the credit card debt of the average American is $2,000 less than it was two years ago. According to NerdWallet, debt for the average household dropped from $7,219 to $6,772. However, if you don’t feel any relief, you’re not alone. The numbers may make it sound like consumers are finally… Read More »