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Increase the Impact of Your Tax Cut By Paying Down Debt

Millions of Americans are about to finally get a pay raise. But here’s the really surprising part – millions aren’t even going to realize it until the money’s all gone. If you haven’t already heard, President Obama signed a payroll tax cut into law in December. Starting this month, just 4.2 percent–instead of the typical… Read More »

Why Atlanta Consumers Should Weigh Pros and Cons of New Credit Card Offers

How would you like to get money back on qualifying purchases? Or transfer your high-interest balance to a card with 0% interest for an introductory period? Credit card companies are betting that you’ll say yes. After a few years of tightening up credit during the recession, creditors are courting customers more aggressively than ever -… Read More »

Chicago Consumers Should Weigh Rewards, Risks of New Credit Card Offers

If you’ve checked your mailbox lately, you probably already know that credit card companies are pulling out all the stops to lure new customers in 2011. But are the latest credit card offers worth it? Following a period of tighter credit, credit card offers nearly doubled in 2010, according to a recent market study. On… Read More »

How Atlanta Homeowners Can Lower House Payments Without Refinancing

Hoping for a lower house payment but not sure if you qualify for a refinance? You’ve still got options, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. With interest rates still relatively low, many homeowners are trying to refinance for a better payment and terms. Unfortunately, not many actually succeed. Not only is the process of refinancing expensive and… Read More »

Ways Chicago Homeowners Can Cut Their Mortgage Payment Without A Refinance

Looking to lower your mortgage payment? You might have more choices than you think, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Traditionally most homeowners have lowered their house payments by refinancing, which can result in a new, lower interest rate and therefore a lower payment. Problem is, the refinancing process takes time and costs money – if you… Read More »