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One-Third of Local Homes Sold in 2012 Have Been Chicago Foreclosures, REOs

As predicted, foreclosure-related sales have been steadily on the rise in 2012 – especially in metro areas such as Chicago. Nearly 31 percent of Illinois residential properties sold in the first quarter of the year were either in foreclosure or owned by a bank, according to data released last week by RealtyTrac. That’s 22 percent… Read More »

Middle Tennessee Home Sales Rebound as Banks Aggressively Push Short Sales, Foreclosures

Home prices may still be sliding, but real estate experts say the Tennessee housing market is showing signs of recovery. More than 2,000 homes in the Nashville area have sold since May – the highest number in four years, according to Nashville Public Radio. But though it’s good news for home buyers, it may not… Read More »

Almost Half of Atlanta Home Sales in 2012 Have Been Georgia Short Sales, Foreclosures

The flood of foreclosure-related property sales predicted for 2012 by real estate experts seems to be well underway. Of homes sold in Georgia during the first quarter of the year, a whopping 46 percent were either foreclosures or distress sales, according to recent data from RealtyTrac. That’s a 15 percent increase from the same period… Read More »

Home Equity Loss Not the Real Cause of Homeowner Debt in Atlanta

Despite a rise in existing home sales earlier this year, the media reports that home values are still dropping – and that the decline may only get worse as banks began releasing a new round of foreclosures onto the market. As usual, the negative news has sent homeowners into a panic over the thought of… Read More »

Too Much Borrowing, Not Loss of Home Equity, Is Root Cause of Debt in Chicago

The real estate market is seeing some promising signs of recovery – for instance, sales of existing homes are up slightly – yet prices are still falling. As banks release formerly-held foreclosures onto the market, home values are only expected to drop further. But while many homeowners are panicking at the prospect of being underwater… Read More »