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Chicago Homeowners Can Stop Foreclosure With Bankruptcy

You might have fought hard to afford your mortgage payments – but most homeowners assume the battle is over when the foreclosure notice comes in the mail. Not true, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Sure, being this close to losing your house is not a good position to be in. But you do have one more… Read More »

For Atlanta Homeowners, Bankruptcy Can Be Last Chance to Stop Foreclosure

For many underwater homeowners, getting a foreclosure notice in the mail might seem like the end of a long fight. But it’s not over until the fat lady sings – or in this case, the judge. Bankruptcy provides homeowners with a last chance to avoid foreclosure by getting non-mortgage debts under control. As soon as… Read More »

Chicago Borrowers To Pay Higher Premiums For FHA Loans

Thinking about getting a little help from Uncle Sam for that mortgage or refinance? It might cost more than you think, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. This month the Federal Housing Administration announced it will raise premiums for its popular government loans by a quarter of a percentage point. It’s a tiny increase, for sure, but… Read More »

FHA Loans About to Get More Expensive For Atlanta Borrowers

FHA loans were designed to make housing possible for more Americans. So what happens when they become more expensive? Borrowers will soon find out, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. The Federal Housing Administration recently announced plans to hike premiums for the government-insured loans by one quarter of a percent. It might not sound like much, but… Read More »

How Foreclosure Affects Chicago Homeowners’ Credit Scores

Everyone wants to know if bankruptcy will leave a black mark on their credit score. Yet few seem to consider the credit consequences of foreclosure. This month we talked about bankruptcy’s impact on credit – initially, filing can drop your score by a one or two hundred points. Of course, as your debt disappears, you… Read More »