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Effect of Foreclosure on Credit Scores of Atlanta Homeowners

The first thing consumers want to know when considering bankruptcy is, “How will filing affect my credit score?” Yet maybe what we should be asking is, “How will not filing affect my credit score?” Especially when we’re at risk for foreclosure. It’s no news that bankruptcy ends up on your credit report, but so does… Read More »

Could Bankruptcy Help Struggling Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure?

It looks like troubled homeowners may soon have a better option for modifying home loans, according to Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. A new bill backed by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse suggests that the federal government consider allowing bankruptcy to be used to modify the mortgages of the millions of Americans at risk for foreclosure. Currently, the best… Read More »

Senator Suggests Bankruptcy As A Better Alternative To Mortgage Modification

It looks like Uncle Sam might be learning from his mistakes when it comes to helping struggling homeowners, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. With the Home Affordable Modification Plan enacted during the recession a seemingly multi-billion dollar flop, the federal government may be turning to a method that’s actually been proven to work – bankruptcy. In… Read More »

Court Ruling Could Affect Foreclosure Process for Atlanta Homeowners

Why should homeowners in Atlanta care about a foreclosure in Massachusetts? Because a recent court ruling there could have a drastic impact on foreclosures in the future, affecting the entire U.S. banking industry – and millions of Americans currently at risk of losing their homes, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Last week the highest court in… Read More »

How Foreclosure Ruling Could Affect Chicago Homeowners

Two foreclosures in Massachusetts could have a big impact on banks – and homeowners – nationwide, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Last week a Massachusetts court voided the foreclosure of two homes, citing the fact that Wells Fargo and U.S. Bancorp could not prove they held the mortgages at the time they seized the residences. Last… Read More »