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Celebrate Labor Day By Giving Yourself a Raise

Labor Day was developed to honor the American worker – but I think I can speak for most of us when I say the American worker is feeling pretty underappreciated right now. Unemployment is at the highest rate in decades. Layoffs are a constant worry. And for those of us lucky enough to be somewhat… Read More »

Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers Caution Against Work From Home Scams

Become a mystery shopper and earn $7,000 a month! Work from home doing data entry for $10,000 a month! If you believed everything you read in the classifieds, you’d think that our economy has more jobs that it can fill. Not only that, but we’d all be stinkin’ rich because everything pays so well. Unfortunately,… Read More »

Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers Warn of Hidden Bank Fees

I don’t usually do well with change. I’ve had pretty much the same hairstyle since high school, I’ve been driving the same car since I got my license and I have a mini-meltdown every time Facebook changes its layout. So naturally, I’ve been banking with the same company – a large national bank that shall… Read More »

Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers Find Ways to Save Cash as Gas Prices Grow

Some things never change. Despite the fact that oil was at a record low just six months ago, gas prices have begun their annual summer hike. And this year is poised to be a little more painful. Though today’s average national price of $2.68 a gallon is still lower than $4 a gallon peak we… Read More »

Payday loans a bad deal, advise Chicago bankruptcy attorneys

Whoever said that patience is a virtue might have been talking about payday loans. You’ve probably noticed payday loan centers in your neighborhood – maybe you’ve even used them yourself. An online search for payday loans in Chicago nets nearly 300 results. And with so many folks living paycheck to paycheck, it’s no wonder. But,… Read More »