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Identifying Missing Money Is One Way to Increase Your Income

Not much compares to the surprise of finding a forgotten $10 bill in the dryer – except stumbling upon $1,000 in forgotten money. Believe it or not, it happens, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. No, not in the dryer. But occasionally money gets forgotten in closed bank accounts, payments relating to long-ago jobs, insurance policies, dividend… Read More »

Atlanta Consumers Ready Finances for Potential Double-Dip Recession

Just when we think the economic downturn might be safely behind us, economists start talking about a double-dip recession. Talk about bad timing. Thanks to unemployment, the dire debt situation in Europe and an unstable housing market, it seems that the current economic recovery might not stick. For folks who have been barely scraping by… Read More »

Saving Just a Little More Can Make a Big Difference for Chicago Residents With Debt

When you see a penny on the ground, do you pick it up? Most folks don’t bother. One percent of a dollar might seem like small change, but when it comes to saving money for retirement – or for getting out of debt – one percent can be huge. It can take a lot of… Read More »

A Little Savings Today Can Add Up to a Big Nest Egg Tomorrow for Atlanta Residents

Most folks today don’t think picking up a penny is worth the effort. After all, it’s only one-hundredth of a dollar, right? But over time, one percent adds up – especially when you’ve been slacking in the saving department thanks to a lot of debt, too little pay and overall financial fallout from the recession…. Read More »

Shopping Addictions Are Keeping Some Atlanta Consumers in Debt

Forget the old question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” The new riddle is, “What came first, the spending or the debt?” Millions of Americans currently spend more than they earn, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Sometimes it’s because they have too much debt. But other times, they have too much debt because of… Read More »