Cybercrime Can Lead Consumers into Chicago Bankruptcy

It used to be that consumers had to watch out for frauds who wanted to steal their money by trying to scam them by letter or phone. Nowadays, consumers must be even more vigilant, what with the ever evolving digital world of mobile banking and other money related online transactions.

A recent ABC News article details how cybercriminals are using commonly used programs and websites like Facebook to steal money from consumers.
Some victims of cybercrime in Illinois have considered filing for bankruptcy in Chicago. These con games and bogus schemes strip people of their security -- and money -- sending them spiraling into a financial mess.

Even if a person is a victim of cybercrime, it can take a long time for him or her to recover. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago can work with troubled consumers to ensure they evaluate all options before filing for bankruptcy.

Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly inventive on how to steal from consumers. While that may seem like a compliment to those committing illegal acts, it is a word of warning for everyone to do a better job of securing their funds.

The ABC News article states that hackers are using text messages and emails to obtain a person's phone number. They then plot a scheme whereby they assess and attempt to collect small fees from those stolen phone numbers, which can go unnoticed by the phone's owner.

Gone are the days when a thief would need a person's credit card number or identification to steal from them. They can now use malware and viruses to steal right from underneath a user's nose.

For those who use online sites to store credit cards, hackers can access that information, cost users and the websites big bucks if they pluck a few at a time. Consumers may not notice or they may be complacent enough not to go through customer service to fix it if the loss is small.

Hackers will use video or web links with outrageous headlines to try to get people to click, which can then lead them to the information they need to begin the hacking process. Android users, whose marketplace is more open than Apple users, may be at a heightened risk of hacking because people can create realistic-looking applications that are actually viruses.

To stay safe, follow these tips:

  • Check to see what authorizations you are giving to a website, Facebook program or other online process.
  • Don't bank online except through secure, official sites.
  • Check phone bills regularly.
  • Don't download applications from unknown sources.

The bottom line is this can be a major source of income for thieves. Corporations and consumers lose tens of millions of dollars per year on cybercrime, so it is critical to take proper steps to shield yourself against it.

Being a victim of cybercrime can send your finances into ruin. You may want to consider bankruptcy in Chicago to eliminate debts and get you back on your feet. Bankruptcy helps many people, but it isn't right for everyone. Consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to see if it may be the solution for you.

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