Jobs Up, Unemployment Down, But Chicago Bankruptcy Still a Viable Option

Recently released data suggests that more than 120,000 jobs were added in November, which lowered the unemployment rate to 8.6 percent, CNNMoney reports.

This is certainly encouraging news. Our Chicago bankruptcy lawyers hope that many of the seasonal workers who were hired in retail and by companies producing consumer goods can hang on to those jobs as we get into 2012.
But for many others, jobs have been scarce. Many people have spent months or even years attempting to get a steady income. For millions of Americans, unemployment benefits have been what they live on. But whether a person is newly employed or still struggling to find work, it's likely that credit has been a crutch that is close to breaking.

Without steady income, people have relied on loans and credit cards to get by. This is a disaster waiting to happen. If the consumer has no income, they are likely getting bombarded with calls, e-mails and letters harassing them and making threats against them. If people happen to have a job, they may be in the process of having their wages garnished.

One initial benefit of filing for bankruptcy is that it stops creditors from hounding consumers. Once the paperwork is filed, creditors are no longer allowed to directly contact the borrower as all their communication goes through the court. That can be a load off their shoulders at a difficult time.

The obvious long-term benefit of bankruptcy is the ability to shed debt that has made life extremely difficult. In many cases, all the debt can be vanquished without a person losing their assets. In some cases, they may have to sell some things to pay off their debt and if they file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Chicago, they can set up a payment plan to pay off debt.

Back to the employment numbers.

The CNNMoney story reports that experts had predicted about 110,000 jobs would be added, so the new numbers surpassed their predictions. Government jobs actually decreased by about 20,000, though private sector jobs were bumped up by about 140,000.

The majority of jobs were added in retail -- 50,000 ---and hospitality, such as hotels and restaurants -- 20,000. An interesting point to the story is that the Labor Department's numbers are adjusted to take into consideration seasonal trends, so the holiday hiring season isn't all to credit for the job growth.

Still, there are 13.3 million people out of work and 43 percent of those people haven't had a job in six months or more. Less than 1/3 of the 8.8 million jobs that have been lost in recent years still haven't been recovered.

Let's hope our country's economy keeps this momentum going into the new year and stock prices, real estate prices and numbers of hires continue to increase. This is a critical time for our nation and our Chicago bankruptcy lawyers hope the recovery continues.

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