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Questionable Foreclosure Practices in Chicago put Banks on the Hotseat

As The New York Times recently reported, the country’s most powerful banks aren’t trying to fix the problems with robo-signing and shady business practices in foreclosure cases by actually fixing them, but instead by trying to pay off the government. Chicago Foreclosure Attorneys have watched as the country’s financial crisis started in the mid 1990s,… Read More »

Should Chicago Homebuyers Opt For New Adjustable Rate Mortgages?

Remember last decade’s adjustable-rate mortgages? You know, the subprime loans that led to millions of mortgage defaults across the country – and pretty much launched the whole recession? Well, they’re back. But this time around, lenders say they’re different – and depending on your financial situation, they may be able to help you afford a… Read More »

Atlanta Borrowers Taking Out Adjustable Rate Mortgages Again

Have adjustable-rate mortgages gotten a makeover? Lenders say the ARMs that once contributed to the housing market crash may now be an affordable option for Atlanta home buyers. Back in the 90s, adjustable-rate mortgages made up the large majority of home loans. The problem was, many of these loans came with risky perks intended to… Read More »

ATM Fees Add to Chicago Consumers’ Debt Woes

As if it isn’t bad enough that most folks are paying upwards of 20% in credit card interest, now Chicago consumers are paying a premium to use cash, too. But it doesn’t have to be that way, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. It’s no news that withdrawing money from another bank’s ATM will result in a… Read More »

Big Bank Raises ATM Fees for Struggling Consumers in Some States

First food prices, then gas – now it looks like ATM fees are on the rise. But the good news is, you can choose not pay the higher price, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Currently, using another bank’s ATM means about a $2.50 charge from the competitor bank – and a fee of $1-$1.50 from your… Read More »