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Chicago Homeowners Can Stop Foreclosure With Bankruptcy

You might have fought hard to afford your mortgage payments – but most homeowners assume the battle is over when the foreclosure notice comes in the mail. Not true, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Sure, being this close to losing your house is not a good position to be in. But you do have one more… Read More »

For Atlanta Homeowners, Bankruptcy Can Be Last Chance to Stop Foreclosure

For many underwater homeowners, getting a foreclosure notice in the mail might seem like the end of a long fight. But it’s not over until the fat lady sings – or in this case, the judge. Bankruptcy provides homeowners with a last chance to avoid foreclosure by getting non-mortgage debts under control. As soon as… Read More »

Teaching Kids Money Basics Can Prevent Chronic Credit Card Use

Many parents are shocked to find credit card offers addressed to their children in the mail – yet they don’t think twice about signing their kids up for prepaid debit cards. Credit card companies are smartly marketing prepaid cards as an easy way for parents to teach teens about money. We load a certain amount… Read More »

Credit Card Companies Targeting Kids With Prepaid Debit Cards

It used to be that kids wanted a cash allowance – today, they want a credit card of their own. Credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard are increasingly marketing prepaid debit cards to teens and preteens. And they’re convincing parents to buy the cards for their kids by pitching them as an easy way… Read More »

High Interest Credit Cards Lure Atlanta Consumers Struggling With Debt

It’s been two years since the Credit CARD Act was passed and it seems that credit card interest rates have gone nowhere but up. Despite the common belief, the legislation didn’t put a limit on rates – only the way in which credit card companies could charge them, explain Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Today, creditors are… Read More »