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Foreclosures Stop Temporarily for Atlanta Homeowners

Freddie Mac is feeling more Santa than Scrooge this season – if for only a brief period of time. For the third year in a row, the government-backed mortgage giant plans to stop foreclosure evictions between Dec. 20 and Jan. 4. It’s good news for seriously delinquent homeowners who might have otherwise lost the roof… Read More »

Mortgage Companies Temporarily Suspend Chicago Foreclosures

It looks like even mortgage companies are feeling the holiday spirit this time of year. Freddie Mac recently announced plans to stop foreclosures from Dec. 20 to Jan. 3 – long enough for folks to stay in their homes during the Christmas season. Fannie Mae has pledged to halt evictions as well. With millions of… Read More »

Fed’s $600 Billion Plan to Lower Rates Could Help and Hurt Atlanta Consumers

By now, we all know that the Fed is buying $600 billion in Treasury bonds in hopes of boosting the economy. What we don’t know is if it will work, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. In short, the idea behind the stimulus is to pump money into banks, reducing rates and thereby increasing borrowing. But while… Read More »

Low Interest Rates Might Help Chicago Homebuyers, But Could Hurt Others

By now you’ve probably already heard that the Fed plans to plunge $600 billion into U.S. banks. But what does that mean for the average American? That depends on where you’re at financially, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. By printing more money, the Fed hopes to lower already-low interest rates. And as we all know, low… Read More »

Foreclosure Process Comes Under Fire in All 50 States

It seems nothing has been able to slow the tidal wave of recession-related foreclosures – that is, until now. State officials across the U.S. are joining forces to investigate illegal activities that could have led to thousands of unfair foreclosures over the past few years, according to the AP Press. Allegedly, lenders have been allowing… Read More »