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Despite Small Declines in Debt and Delinquencies, Consumers Still Rely on Credit Card Debt in Tennessee

The good news is that credit card debt fell in the first quarter of 2012. The bad news is that a large number of Americans are still unable to pay basic expenses such as the mortgage, rent, groceries, and insurance without the help of credit – making high interest rates, credit card fees, and poor… Read More »

Despite Consumer Protection Laws, Many Still Struggle with Credit Card Debt in Atlanta

It’s been three years since the Credit CARD Act was signed into law. But while the average amount of credit card debt carried by Americans has fallen since 2009, U.S. families are still relying on plastic to afford basic living expenses. In a recent survey of low- and middle-income families by policy center Demos, 40… Read More »

For Underwater Georgia Homeowners Who Are Delinquent, Atlanta Bankruptcy Provides Relief

New statistics show that one in every three U.S. homeowners is underwater on their mortgage. In Atlanta, the numbers are even worse. More than half of homeowners in the Atlanta area owe more on their home loans than their homes’ market values, according to the data by However, the picture may not be as… Read More »

Most Underwater Homeowners Not Delinquent; For Those Who Are, Tennessee Bankruptcy Can Help

Nearly one-third of U.S. homeowners – or about 16 million mortgage holders – currently owe more on their home than it’s worth, according to But while being underwater on a mortgage is often associated with foreclosure, the majority of these borrowers have managed to stay current on home payments. On average, only 10 percent… Read More »

While More Underwater Homeowners Are Making Payments, Delinquent Borrowers Can Still Benefit from Chicago Bankruptcy

The statistics are startling: 16 million U.S. homeowners – or one of three people with a mortgage – owe more on their home loan than their house is worth. In Chicago, those numbers are even higher. Just over 41 percent of owner-occupied homes with a mortgage have negative equity, according to Yet despite the… Read More »