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For 3 in 10 Americans with No Savings, Chicago Bankruptcy Can Offer Fresh Financial Start

Nearly 30 percent of Americans have no money socked away to cover emergency expenses like a job loss or car repairs, according to a new survey by Of those surveyed, only 25 percent had saved the recommended six months worth of living expenses. In fact, half of the 1,000 participants admitted they couldn’t make… Read More »

Healthcare Reform Has Pros, Cons for Cash-Strapped Consumers with Debt in Chicago, Atlanta & Tennessee

Americans may have been able to put off thinking about health insurance before, but there’s no avoiding the issue now. Last week’s ruling by the Supreme Court to uphold President Obama’s healthcare reform means the law – including a controversial provision requiring Americans to purchase health insurance by 2014 – will continue as written. With… Read More »

While Data Shows Average U.S. Debt Is Down, the Number of Households with Credit Card Debt Increases

A recent survey showed that the credit card debt of the average American is $2,000 less than it was two years ago. According to NerdWallet, debt for the average household dropped from $7,219 to $6,772. However, if you don’t feel any relief, you’re not alone. The numbers may make it sound like consumers are finally… Read More »

Senior Citizens Who Drain Savings Helping Kids, Grandkids May Face Tennessee Bankruptcy

A growing number of grandparents are offering financial assistance to younger family members who are struggling as a result of the recession. older man and daughter-granddaughter.jpg Unfortunately, some may be doing more harm than good, according to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal. As our Tennessee bankruptcy lawyers discussed earlier this month, younger… Read More »

Grandparents Extending Financial Help to Kids, Grandkids Often Face Atlanta Bankruptcy

More senior citizens are opting to lend a helping hand to family members struggling financially, according to The Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, grandparents’ goodwill gestures sometimes come at the cost of their own financial stability. As our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys reported earlier this month, people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s – or those most… Read More »