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Banks Are Back to Old Tricks and New Fees after Financial Reform Bill Passes

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em – at least, that’s what big banks are doing. After their effort to stop the financial reform bill failed with the overhaul’s passage Thursday, banks have no choice but to play along – but they’re playing on their own terms, according to Chicago bankruptcy laywers. That’s bad news… Read More »

Compare Banks and Credit Unions to Make the Most of Your Money

As banks pile on the account fees and other inconveniences, customers are starting to shop around. But to get the best banking bang for your buck, you need to be able to weigh all the options – and that means including credit unions. Consumers often overlook credit unions because they assume they won’t qualify for… Read More »

Credit Unions Offer Better Deals Than Banks For Some Atlanta Customers

If you’re tired of the fees your bank is tacking on to your checking account, how about forgoing the bank altogether? Don’t worry, I’m not advocating that you store your paycheck under the mattress – I’m talking about considering a credit union. As banks make simple checking accounts more expensive with things like account maintenance… Read More »

Debt Consolidation Loans Can Leave Atlanta Residents With More Debt

Taking out a loan to pay off debt doesn’t really make sense – after all, a loan means more debt. But that’s exactly what millions of Americans do each year when they sign up for debt consolidation loans. From the alluring promises made in debt consolidation ads, it’s hard not to be curious. Combine all… Read More »

College Scholarship Scams Land Atlanta Students in Even More Debt

Would you go back to school if Uncle Sam promised to foot the bill? A lot of Americans are saying yes to scholarships. Unfortunately, they might also be saying yes to scam artists – and debt. Scams have been popping up with ever-increasing frequency since the economy took a major nosedive in 2008. And one… Read More »