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Don’t Wait Until It’s Really Too Late To File Taxes

Yes, I know that April 15 has long come and gone. But 11 million taxpayers requested a six-month extension for their 2008 taxes, which means that – for many Americans – the real do-or-die deadline is this Thursday. With money tighter than ever, it’s understandable that so many of us are wracking our brains, trying… Read More »

Tax Extension Filing Date This Thursday

What’s the only thing worse than not paying your taxes? Not filing at all. This Thursday, Oct. 15 is the final deadline for the whopping 11 million U.S. taxpayers who filed for an extension on their 2008 return. With the economy still down in the dumps, many folks haven’t seen an anticipated improvement in their… Read More »

The Expensive Truth Behind Prepaid Debit Cards

It sounds too good to be true. You don’t need a bank account. You don’t need a good credit score. You just load your paycheck onto a pre-paid debit card, and you can pay without the hassles of a credit card or the inconvenience of cash. You’ve probably started to see pre-paid debit cards in… Read More »

Why Prepaid Debit Cards Might Not Be Such A Good Deal

When gift cards surpassed traditional presents in popularity, I knew it was only a matter of time before we started just giving cash. And then, just as I predicted, the prepaid debit card arrived. It’s sort of the equivalent of cash, but more convenient than carrying around a wad of bills (and less awkward than… Read More »

Banks Limit Debit Cards Fees, But Will it Make a Difference?

In light of growing discontent over their unfair debit card fees, some big banks are considering changing their tune – ever so slightly. Financial giants JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America just announced changes to their overdraft protection policies. Though they won’t eliminate the controversial program, both banks plan to limit the amount of overdraft… Read More »