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After Months of Tight Credit, Banks Begin to Mail Credit Card Offers to Atlanta Consumers

If your mailbox seems a little fuller lately, it’s probably not your imagination. After all but drying up during the recession, credit card offers are making a comeback. Banks are feeling optimistic that consumers are ready to spend, and to take advantage they’re stuffing mailboxes with advertisements, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. It’s a bittersweet milestone…. Read More »

Chicago Consumers Might Notice An Increase in Credit Card Offers As Banks Loosen Up Credit

Don’t be surprised if you see an unfamiliar site in your mailbox soon – credit card offers. That’s right, after many months of tightening up credit, banks are on a mission to lure back customers they hope will start spending again as the economy picks up. And that means more credit card pitches, according to… Read More »

Atlanta Bank Account Fees Leave Some Customers in Debt

Most folks don’t budget bank fees into their finances – but if we’re not more careful, maybe we should. Atlanta banks – as well as banking institutions all over the country – are taking increasingly larger chunks of our paychecks. Between annual account fees, monthly “maintenance” fees – even fees for writing too many checks… Read More »

Don’t Let Chicago Bank Account Fees Leave You in Debt

I’m used to paying for services like electricity, TV and food – but somehow I don’t think I should have to pay a bank to take my money. Yet banks in Chicago and all over the country are charging Americans hundreds of dollars per year just for the privilege of being customers, according to Chicago… Read More »

Atlanta Consumers Could See Lower Credit Card Fees With New Legislation

Maybe 2010 will someday be remembered as the year of credit card reform. Laws have already been passed to limit unfair credit card fees, interest rate increases and billing cycles. And now the Federal Reserve is asking for another limit. If passed, credit card issuers won’t be able to you charge a fee higher than… Read More »