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Atlanta Consumers Look For Ways To Pay Increasing Gas Prices

Uncle Sam was hoping a recent tax cut would get pumped back into the economy – but it looks like it might just get pumped into our gas tanks. In December, President Obama signed a payroll tax cut that would slash Social Security withholdings from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent in 2011- essentially a 2… Read More »

Rising Gas Prices Put Financial Burden on Struggling Consumers

It looks like taxpayers might already have a use for that extra money from President Obama’s payroll tax cut – filling up the gas tank. Legislators hoped that the tax cut – which gives many Americans the equivalent of a 2 percent raise by shaving the amount of paycheck withholdings for Social Security from 6.2… Read More »

Atlanta Consumers Feel the Pinch at the Grocery Store As Food Prices Increase

It looks like the new year is already bringing new costs – and there’s no getting around at least one of them. If gas gets too expensive, we can take the bus. When our bank adds new fees to our checking account, we can switch banks. But when the price of food goes up -… Read More »

How Chicago Consumers Can Fight Rising Food Prices

You can combat rising gas prices by carpooling, and you can counteract an expensive mortgage payment by downsizing to a smaller place. But you can’t exactly fight rising food prices by not eating. No, when the price of milk, produce, and coffee goes up due to weather and high fuel prices, we have to suck… Read More »

How Atlanta Residents Can Stretch Gift Card Dollars This Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I’m always a little sad once all the Christmas presents have been opened and family and friends have gone home. Fortunately I’ve discovered a way to keep the holiday spirit around after the holidays: gift cards. I realize that gift cards are old news by now. In fact, cards… Read More »