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How Chicago Residents Can Improve Finances With Gift Cards This Christmas

What if you could stretch the Christmas magic beyond December 25? It’s possible with gift cards. Not that gift cards are anything new, of course. Americans requested plastic cards more than any other present this year, according to the National Retail Federation. Not surprisingly, when money is tight, most of us would rather have the… Read More »

Chicago Shoppers Falling for Infomercials Despite Debt

We’re struggling to scrape together the funds to pay the mortgage, buy groceries and put gas in our tank – so why are so many of us spending money on exercise machines, household cleaners and Snuggies? Chalk it up to the infomercial phenomenon, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Sales of “As Seen On TV” products are… Read More »

More Atlanta Shoppers Buying Into Infomercials In Spite of Debt

If you’re barely able to afford paying the mortgage and putting gas in your car, surely you’re not going to splurge on stuff you don’t even need, right? Or will you? Americans might be cutting back in most areas, but they’re spending more than ever on infomercial products – things like ab machines, spray tan… Read More »

Atlanta Shoppers Choose Cash Instead of Credit Cards in Stores This Season

In the classic holiday battle for our hard-earned dollars, consumers seem to have the upper hand over retailers this year. That’s because, for the first time in decades, Christmas shoppers are choosing to spend with cash rather than credit, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. TransUnion reported an 11 percent drop in major credit card use compared… Read More »

Smart Chicago Shoppers Sticking To Cash Rather Than Credit This Season

Despite the constant barrage of tempting holiday sales and specials, it looks like cash-strapped Christmas shoppers are holding their own against retailers, according to Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Statistics show that fewer consumers used credit cards for post-Thanksgiving shopping this year than ever before. Use of several major credit cards fell by 11 percent this season… Read More »