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Shopping Binges Make Debt Worse For Overspending Atlanta Consumers

When debt is spiraling out of control, the first thing most folks do is cut out unnecessary purchases. But for a population of consumers known as binge shoppers, it’s just the opposite, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Similar to the way a person trying to lose weight might pig out on a whole cake or bag… Read More »

When Financial Stress Causes Chicago Shoppers To Overspend

When the bills pile up and the budget is stretched tight, cutting back on shopping sprees seems like the rational thing to do. But for emotional spenders, it’s not so easy. Debt causes emotional discomfort – no argument there. For many of us, that stress becomes a great motivator for finally getting our finances under… Read More »

Ways Chicago Consumers Are Fighting Rising Food Prices

If your grocery receipts have you doing double-takes lately, you’re not alone – those higher prices aren’t just in your head. Food prices – along with gas and many other necessities – are going up, much like they did back in 2008. While we can cut back on fuel costs by driving less and adjusting… Read More »

Atlanta Consumers Battle Rising Prices At The Supermarket

Has grocery shopping been leaving you with sticker shock lately? You’re not imagining things – food prices are creeping upward thanks to a variety of factors, from higher oil prices to rotten weather. To make matters worse, most Americans are still reeling from the recession and dealing with debt. Today’s rising food and gas prices… Read More »

Payroll Tax Cut Canceled Out By Increasing Food and Fuel Costs

Remember the paycheck raise you got back in January? No? You’re not the only one. In 2011, Uncle Sam boosted most people’s paychecks by rolling back Social Security payroll taxes from 6.2 to 4.2 percent. Less money withheld meant fatter paychecks. But unfortunately, most of us haven’t even noticed, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. That’s because… Read More »