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Bank Fees & Consumer Debt in Atlanta Bankruptcy Cases

Typically it’s credit card companies that get the bad reputation for hidden fees and making consumers’ lives more difficult. And it’s for good reason — they charge ridiculously high interest rates and have hidden fees for things as crazy as customer service. But, in many cases, the banks are not far behind. Banks may be… Read More »

Study Finds Most Atlanta Credit Card Users Don’t Know the Perks, but They Probably Know the Pitfalls

According to a new study released by MasterCard, 55 percent of consumers are not familiar with their credit cards’ benefits and some even paid extra for the perks they already had, reports. Credit cards often get a bad rap for interest rates and hidden fees, and for good reason. These companies use the lure… Read More »

Atlanta Bankruptcy: City ranks in Top 5 Nationwide for Credit Card Debt

As many American families struggle to stay afloat in this tough economic environment, a new study found that credit card debt remains a leading cause of bankruptcy in Atlanta and elsewhere in the United States. Equifax found credit cards cost households nearly 20 percent of their income, according to MSNBC. These statistics don’t even take… Read More »

Atlanta Consumers Spending More, But Higher Gas Prices Play a Part

Consumer spending has been rapidly on the rise in 2011. That means the economy is rebounding, right? Well…not exactly, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. It turns out that most of the increase is actually due to – you may have guessed it – higher gas prices. Prices at the pump saw record increases in the past… Read More »

Chicago Consumer Spending Is On the Rise – Or Is It?

Consumer spending in February increased at the quickest rate in four months, the first time the economy has showed signs of life in some time. But as it turns out, most of the spending was on one thing – gas. With gas prices hitting new highs of $4 a gallon in some cities, economic indicators… Read More »