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Rising Costs of Food and Gas Affecting Payroll Tax Cut

More than two months after Americans got a small paycheck boost courtesy of Uncle Sam, the verdict is in: it’s not working. The goal of rolling back Social Security payroll taxes by 2 percent was to encourage consumers to spend more, thus stimulating the economy. But with the cost of living rising faster than expected… Read More »

Will Americans Keep Frugal Habits or Fall Back in Debt When Economy Rebounds?

Some things are easier said than done – and it looks like that might be the case when it comes to retaining the smart saving and spending behavior so many Americans adopted in response to the recession. Last year, 63% of consumers said they had modified their money habits because of the economy, according to… Read More »

Are Improved Financial Habits Falling By The Wayside As Economy Picks Up Steam?

American consumers say the economy has changed their spending habits for the better – but is the change permanent? While 63% of people in last year’s Citigroup survey reported that the recession has had a positive effect on their spending and saving behavior, only 52 respondents say the same today. Perhaps now that incomes are… Read More »

Atlanta Customers Call Service Companies To Snag Lower Rates

You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well – you know how the song goes – you just may find you get what you need. The Rolling Stones must have known what many folks are just learning today thanks to the recent recession – a little effort goes a long… Read More »

Chicago Consumers Save Money With Phone Negotiations

You might think making more phone calls would cost you more money – at least on your phone bill. But placing a few selective calls can actually help your finances, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Though they might not mention it, many common service providers are willing to negotiate a price – especially in today’s economy…. Read More »