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Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers See Economy as a Good Excuse to Kick Bad Habits

What’s more powerful than peer pressure, a way to relax or a desire to fit in? Money! I could tell you that at 15 years old, when I quit smoking. To be fair, I had only been a smoker for about a month. As an honor student, I had been desperate for a not-too-scary way… Read More »

Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers Compare Benefits of Chapter 13 to Loan Modification

Loan modification is a good idea in theory. You can’t afford your mortgage, so a modification company convinces the bank to rewrite your loan, lowering your monthly payment to a more reasonable level. You can afford to keep your house while the bank avoids having to go through the costly foreclosure process – and under… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Warn Credit Card Companies Are Lowering Limits for Consumers

One day credit card companies are stuffing your mailbox full of offers – the next, they’re taking your credit away. Creditors are cutting credit limits – and not just for high-risk customers, according to an article in BusinessWeek. It’s been reported that 16% of customers had their limits reduced between April and October 2008. Of… Read More »

Don’t Let Fear of the Unknown Keep You In Debt, Say Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers

Sometimes there’s nothing scarier than the unknown. When you’re a kid, it’s the monster you swear is hiding under your bed at night. When you’re an adult, the fears that keep you up at night are a little more based in reality – like bankruptcy. With so many Americans in debt and facing foreclosure, you’d… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Suggest Swapping Cash for Credit to Save on Gift Giving This Summer

June is a sneaky month. It holds no major holiday, no income tax payments, no back-to-school shopping, but somehow it always costs me an arm and a limb. Just as I’ve finished paying off my Christmas shopping damages, I get bombarded with graduations, bridal showers, weddings, Father’s Day and birthday after birthday (seriously, does everyone… Read More »