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Small Business Saturday’s Strategy Is Good for the Economy and Chicago Shoppers

Move over Black Friday. Small Business Saturday is here. And the timing couldn’t be better. American Express is hoping to encourage shoppers to spend locally this season, starting today. In fact, the credit issuer is offering $25 in spending credit to the first 200,000 people who register American Express cards today on the Small Business… Read More »

Atlanta Consumers Encouraged to Shop Local and Save Money Today

They say home is where the heart is – maybe it’s time to put our money there, too. At least, that’s the theory behind Small Business Saturday. Never mind that the campaign, which starts today, is backed by credit giant American Express – who happens to be offering an incentive in the form of $25… Read More »

Recession Not Over Yet for Atlanta Consumers Struggling With Debt

The Great Recession really is over – if you listen to the National Bureau of Economic Research, that is. But if you’re like many Americans, you might beg to differ. Based on GDP, employment rates and earnings, economists claim the recession ended last June, over 15 months ago, say Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. But to folks… Read More »

Recession Still Being Felt by Chicago Residents Dealing With Debt

It’s all over, folks. At least, that’s what the National Bureau of Economic Research has to say about the Great Recession. But for many of us, it’s not so clear-cut. Whether we really are on our way out of the latest recession as some experts speculate, or headed into a so-called double-dip recession as others… Read More »

Building an Emergency Savings Fund Can Help Atlanta Workers Survive Job LossSaving Money Today Can Help Chicago Workers Deal With Unemployment Tomorrow

Being optimistic is one thing; being in denial is another. And unfortunately, it seems that millions of American workers are currently in denial about the job market. It’s not that folks are naïve enough to think they won’t lose their job. On the contrary, 55 percent of Americans are worried that they could soon be… Read More »