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Get Ready for the Economic Recovery By Improving Your Credit, Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Say

When it comes to the current economy, there’s good news and there’s bad news, according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. First, the bad: Employers eliminated 20,000 jobs last month, way more than economists predicted and enough to send the stock market in a small downward spiral. Now the good: Unemployment had reached a lower level than… Read More »

Layoffs Increase While Credit Troubles Improve, Say Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you look hard enough, you can always find some good news to temper the bad. This week’s depressing newsflash informed us that employers cut 20,000 jobs last month – more than economists expected, and enough to threaten a recent dip in unemployment and shake up the stock market, according to Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. The… Read More »

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Caution That Social Networking Sites Could Harm Your Finances

You wouldn’t dream of turning in a sloppy resume or loan application full of misspellings and inappropriate answers, right? But many of us are doing even worse when we apply for that loan, job or credit card – and we don’t even realize it, according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. It’s all thanks to social networking… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Warn Social Networking Could Affect Your Credit

Remember the days when lenders would look at your credit score to determine whether you were a risk? It was so much simpler back then. So what’s changed? Social networking was invented. By now, most us use – or are at least familiar with – Facebook. And so are lenders, creditors and employers, who are… Read More »

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Point Out that Marriage Doesn’t Pay Off Financially for Women

At least it’s romantic: Women today are marrying for love, definitely not for the money. Until the early 1970s, women stood to gain financially from marriage, when they received a significant spike in income thanks to their husband’s much larger salary (often times, the couple’s only salary), according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. But women have… Read More »