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Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Say Marriage No Longer Means Economic Benefits for Women

Bad news for married women (or good news for men): wives are no longer seeing the economic returns that they once did from marriage, Chicago bankruptcy attorneys say. On the upside, women have come a lot way since 1970 and earlier, back when marriage meant a significant boost in income courtesy of their husband. We’ve… Read More »

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Say Economy Can Help Make the Most of Our Money

Last year’s economy did a number on our finances – but it may have done a world of good for our attitudes, according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. It’s welcome news, especially for the millions of Americans hoping to make 2010 the year to break free from debt. Last year, on the other hand, was a… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Explain How the Recession Is Helping Us Live Better with Less Money

The recent recession did more than change our finances – it also changed out attitudes, according to Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. And that’s a good thing. Many of us are vowing to make 2010 the year we finally find freedom from debt. And our new treatment of money means some of us have a head start… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Say Workers Could See Rise in Raises and Benefits

Good news on the job front. With the economy picking up steam, employers are again warming up to the idea of raises, bonuses and 401k matches, according to USA Today. It’s a welcome change going into the new year. But it also brings up a couple good points. First, getting a boost from your boss… Read More »

Some Employees May Have to Pay Stimulus Money Back

Remember that stimulus package the government enacted back in February? Well, apparently Uncle Sam got a little too generous. It’s just been announced that up to 15 million taxpayers could owe some of that stimulus money back next year. Why? Under the Making Work Pay tax credit, most working Americans had less withheld on their… Read More »