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Bankruptcy Can Protect the Unemployed From Foreclosure, Advise Chicago Attorneys

The foreclosure saga continues. This week, the Washington Post reported that unemployment has officially overtaken subprime mortgages as the leading cause of foreclosure. An estimated 1.8 million homeowners could lose their house to the bank this year, compared to last year’s 1.4 million. Folks without jobs have an extra hard time qualifying for loan modification… Read More »

Atlanta Attorneys Say Unemployment Doesn’t Have to Equal Foreclosure

When an acquaintance of mine lost her job, her first priority was to continue feeding her kids. Her second priority? To find another job – so she could continue feeding her kids. Needless to say, she spent most of her time searching for work and none too much time worrying about the mortgage. The good… Read More »

Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers Caution Against Work From Home Scams

Become a mystery shopper and earn $7,000 a month! Work from home doing data entry for $10,000 a month! If you believed everything you read in the classifieds, you’d think that our economy has more jobs that it can fill. Not only that, but we’d all be stinkin’ rich because everything pays so well. Unfortunately,… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Recommend Taking Action to Stop Debt

The recent economic news seems to be straight out of a movie – the good, the bad and the ugly. This morning, for instance, I read about soaring stocks, falling jobless claims and the Fed’s prediction that the economy could start to recover by the end of the year. Ah, things must be getting better,… Read More »

Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers Offer Tips for Keeping Your Job in a Recession

An air of fear has permeated workplaces across the country in recent months as rumors of downsizing and layoffs put workers on edge. It’s hard not to question your job stability when you see the jobs of family, friends and maybe even co-workers falling like dominoes all around you. But if you’re worried about losing… Read More »