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Saving Money Today Can Help Chicago Workers Deal With Unemployment Tomorrow

Living in fear is no way to spend your life, but living in denial can be just as bad. Yet that’s what millions of Americans are doing in today’s unstable job market. Despite the fact that one out of every 10 workers is unemployed and 55 percent of Americans fear they could soon lose their… Read More »

Tax Breaks Help Unemployed Chicago Workers Pay for Job Search

When you’re out of work and without a paycheck, finding a new job can feel like it’s taking forever – especially when you’re also struggling to pay your credit card bills and the mortgage. But all that legwork can pay off in more ways than one. Of course, the best case scenario is that you… Read More »

Atlanta Consumers Ready Finances for Potential Double-Dip Recession

Just when we think the economic downturn might be safely behind us, economists start talking about a double-dip recession. Talk about bad timing. Thanks to unemployment, the dire debt situation in Europe and an unstable housing market, it seems that the current economic recovery might not stick. For folks who have been barely scraping by… Read More »

Chicago Residents Prepare Finances for a Possible Double-Dip Recession

One day we’re discussing the end of the economic downturn – the next, we’re speculating about whether we’re in a double-dip recession. What’s the moral of the story? You just can’t trust the economy – so you’ve got to trust yourself. Sure, things seem bad right now. But if you look at the past, you’ll… Read More »

Too Much Debt Can Keep Chicago Job Seekers Unemployed

Think debt is just a drain on your finances? Think again. Carrying too much debt can actually be detrimental to your entire life, from your income to your health. Let’s say you’re looking for a job, whether it’s because you’re unemployed, a new college graduate or interested in changing careers. You know you’re qualified, you… Read More »