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Credit Card Debt Can Keep Atlanta Job Seekers from Getting Hired

You’ve got a killer resume, you nailed the job interview and you know you’d be perfect for the position. So why didn’t you get the job? The answer might be in your wallet, according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Potential employers often request a copy of an applicant’s credit report. And if they see too much… Read More »

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Are Saving Less But Spending More

Even though a weak job market is threatening to stall economic recovery, Americans increased their spending in January, Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys say. With unemployment still hovering just under 10 percent, incomes remained almost flat in January – rising by around 0.1 percent, significantly lower than what economists expected. And for those lucky enough to retain… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Say Americans Spend More But Earn Less

Americans spent more – but earned less – in January, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Personal spending was up 0.5 percent in the first month of 2010, according to The Commerce Department. That would seem to bode well for economic recovery, except that incomes in January rose by just 0.1 percent, much less than what economists… Read More »

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys Suggest Emergency Savings Funds For Unexpected Taxes

Think Uncle Sam will take care of you if you lose your job? You’re right – for awhile. The first $2,400 you receive in unemployment benefits are free for you to keep, according to Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys. Make that $4,800 if you file taxes jointly as a married couple. But after that, you’re responsible for… Read More »

Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Recommend Cash Cushion For Tax Season

So you lost your job last year and picked up some unemployment benefits. Once you find employment, you’re out of the woods, right? Not necessarily, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. Unemployment benefits sure come in handy when you need to put food on the table. But they can also cost you. As it turns out, unemployment… Read More »